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CWCom is a morse code chat progam for Windows and NT operating systems. You can use CWCom to transmit and receive morse code and text messages over a LAN or across the internet! CWCom can translate morse code to text and text to morse code or flashing light, so you don't have to know morse code to use it. The program has a configurable morse libarary - you can define your own morse characters and the text associated with it. Up to 128 characters can be displayed for a single morse code symbol! CWCom can be configured to receive input from a morse key, using the joystick port, serial port or keyboard.

With CWCOM you can communicate with other program users in real time over the internet!

Follow the instructions in the Help File (you can read this from the link below the download) to connect to a server and chat over the internet. When connected to a Server you can talk to many other users at once in real time, similar to radio contact!

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CWCOM Servers

Here is a list of the CWCom IONOSPHERE Servers for UDP Connection. The UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is is used for Real-Time communications via a Server located on the internet. To connect to the Server enter one of these names in the Remote Details address box found by clicking on the Connect button ("World Icon"). Connection Port for UDP is 7890


View ALL CWCom users... check out


Here is a list of the Morse Mail Servers. Morse Mail is like Email but you can leave messages for friends in Morse Code. Enter one of these names in the Morse Mail Server address details connection box to connect to the Morse Mail Server.



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